The time for reuse is now

Think outside of the plastic bag. And box.

We are the first B2B digital platform offering packaging-as-a-service to online stores. We are here to support and encourage online retailers to make the transition towards an ecofriendly and circular operating model.

We challenge the traditional consumption model by offering as alternative a reusable packaging and eliminating the waste coming from single usage, also optimizing storage and transportation costs

Our digital solution connects e-commerce, courier and postal shippers into one platform: allowing online shops to go green about their package.

How it Works?

In 3 simple steps!


Add in your site at check-out an Eco-delivery option: shippment in returnable packaging.


When it was chosen by the customer, pack the product in a R-CREATE packaging and ship it as usually


At delivery the client takes the product from the R-CREATE bag or box and leaves the reusable packaging at the courier. In this way R-CREATE bag is returning to your logistic center and it can be reused over and over again.

Our available solutions


Water proof and rezistent, R-CREATE bag comes in 3 different sizes, to accomodate books, fashion or sportwear items (including shoes), home and deco (as sheets, courtains, accesories), personal care goods. It can be used up to 100 times


With a hard cover and soft interior, the R-CREATE box is water proof, offers protection and it’s shock rezistent and it can be reused up to 500 times. Comes in 3 different sizes to accomodate IT&C products, cosmetics, drugstore products, small toys, caned food and supliments. Not suitable for glass.


Is a security system, easy to use, impossible to reuse, which makes each delivery safe and risk free. One seal, one use only.

Pricing and collaboration

Choose 2 Reuse !

We challenge you to think differently about cardboard boxes and plastic bags !

From something that’s simply inventory and becomes waste to a chance to be sustainable, memorable and different.

At R-CREATE we believe that packaging can reusable and can be a source of an improved client experience.

We provide packaging- as- a- service and will charge a fee only when the product is used. You only need to let us know about your intentions and make the option available on your website. We take care of the rest!

In this way your online business will be more green and you have the opportunity to free the storage (and budget) from package inventory and associated expenses.

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