The problem

Over 1 billion deliveries are sent in Europe solely on BlackFriday week

Most products and packaging sold today are designed for a single use, and because they are not always accepted or collected by public recycling systems, they end up in our landfills (or worse, our oceans)

Recycling (Alone) is Not the Answer

Only 41% of packaging is recycled in Europe

We know that recycling is important because it allows us to repurpose waste, breaking down objects to their resulting raw materials to be used in producing something new. This process requires energy to transport, sort, convert and remanufacture the material into a new product. While better than landfilling or incinerating the things we throw away, this it is not the complete solution.

Why reuse

Reusable packaging is a critical part of the solution, aiming to eliminate plastic and waste pollution and make a real difference. When we reuse a packaging we save energy and resources, as the object only needs to be collected and transported before it can be cycled again.


Because we chose 2 reuse:

Our packages last at least 100 to 500 logistic cycles, depending on the product, and in this way we stop turning packaging into waste, one reuse at the time.

Materials & design

R-CREATE solutions are made from eco friendly materials, designed to last. All our solutions are waterproof and sturdy, in order to provide protection to the content of online orders. We are continuously reengineering their design, in order to comply with logistic in transit processes


The return of our packages never implies additional CO2 released due to incremental routes. Instead, we use existing routes and collection facilities in order to move the packages thorough the system in the most environmentally friendly way available

Reconditioning & End of life

Our system identifies the packages that need repairs and with the help of our partners in the ecosystem we give them a second life. When they cannot be reconditioned we place them on the recycling processes, through the cradle-to-cradle arrangements we have with the waste collection companies